Thursday, March 19, 2009

Drax Grows Up

When we were last with the Kane/Jung family, Molly had left to go off to college. Drax is enjoying having his parents all to himself, but trying to find his way without his older sister. So here's Drax to tell us what's happening with his family this week.

Hey, it's me, Drax. It's just not the same around here without Molly. Mom and Dad work a lot and seem to think about money all the time. They stay pretty busy with their jobs and I'm left to try to keep myself occupied a lot of the time.

Mom makes some pretty good decisions at her job and is rewarded for it. Chewing gum and duct tape can fix just about anything!

Poor Dad, he tried to help out these crazy people and all he got was trouble for it!

Renard Peterson came home with me one day. We decided that playing "Cops and Robbers" in the middle of the road when it's time for Mom and Dad's car pool to come through may not be the best idea. Renard, get out of the road or you'll be a ghost for real!

Dad came home with his next promotion and a nice bonus. He's a great doctor!

Mom was literally right behind him with her promotion. Way to go, Mom! Dad, we all know how much you love Mom, but thanks for reminding us! Now stop it, you're embarrassing me!

Oh boy, this is my last child picture. I just wanted to fish and all the sudden I had this funny feeling come over me!

Gawd, who did this to me! Obviously somethings got to change. First and easiest will be getting new clothes and quick! Next I definitely will be hitting the ballet bar and jump rope and soon!

Drax Jung, Teen
Likes: Brown Hair
Facial Hair
Dislike: Blonde Hair
LTW: 20 Simultaneous Best Friends
Personality: 4/9/8/3/3

I think this is the happiest I've ever seen Mom! I don't know whether it's the promotion she's so excited about or the memory of lifetime earning of $37,500. Probably a lot of both.

Since Mom was in such a good mood and preoccupied, I thought Kay and I sneaking out on Sunday night might be fun.

Well, as you can see, things didn't turn out so well and it wasn't anywhere near as fun as I thought. The police officer was really angry that he had to take me home. He said he had more important things to attend to then dealing with a couple kids staying out after curfew.

I went to school Monday still thinking about the tongue-lashing the officer gave me.

I hope Mom and Dad don't find out. They will be so disappointed in me.

All in all, a pretty quiet week except for my getting busted. I'm looking forward to heading off to college soon so I can make more friends. Mom and Dad have birthdays coming up next week and Julia should be finished college. Well, I'll try to stay out of trouble until then. See ya! Drax out!

The last couple pics of Drax heading off to school after getting busted by the police were so funny. He slept until the bus came and walked just like the pics show to the bus. He really looked upset and ashamed of what he did!