Thursday, March 19, 2009

Drax Grows Up

When we were last with the Kane/Jung family, Molly had left to go off to college. Drax is enjoying having his parents all to himself, but trying to find his way without his older sister. So here's Drax to tell us what's happening with his family this week.

Hey, it's me, Drax. It's just not the same around here without Molly. Mom and Dad work a lot and seem to think about money all the time. They stay pretty busy with their jobs and I'm left to try to keep myself occupied a lot of the time.

Mom makes some pretty good decisions at her job and is rewarded for it. Chewing gum and duct tape can fix just about anything!

Poor Dad, he tried to help out these crazy people and all he got was trouble for it!

Renard Peterson came home with me one day. We decided that playing "Cops and Robbers" in the middle of the road when it's time for Mom and Dad's car pool to come through may not be the best idea. Renard, get out of the road or you'll be a ghost for real!

Dad came home with his next promotion and a nice bonus. He's a great doctor!

Mom was literally right behind him with her promotion. Way to go, Mom! Dad, we all know how much you love Mom, but thanks for reminding us! Now stop it, you're embarrassing me!

Oh boy, this is my last child picture. I just wanted to fish and all the sudden I had this funny feeling come over me!

Gawd, who did this to me! Obviously somethings got to change. First and easiest will be getting new clothes and quick! Next I definitely will be hitting the ballet bar and jump rope and soon!

Drax Jung, Teen
Likes: Brown Hair
Facial Hair
Dislike: Blonde Hair
LTW: 20 Simultaneous Best Friends
Personality: 4/9/8/3/3

I think this is the happiest I've ever seen Mom! I don't know whether it's the promotion she's so excited about or the memory of lifetime earning of $37,500. Probably a lot of both.

Since Mom was in such a good mood and preoccupied, I thought Kay and I sneaking out on Sunday night might be fun.

Well, as you can see, things didn't turn out so well and it wasn't anywhere near as fun as I thought. The police officer was really angry that he had to take me home. He said he had more important things to attend to then dealing with a couple kids staying out after curfew.

I went to school Monday still thinking about the tongue-lashing the officer gave me.

I hope Mom and Dad don't find out. They will be so disappointed in me.

All in all, a pretty quiet week except for my getting busted. I'm looking forward to heading off to college soon so I can make more friends. Mom and Dad have birthdays coming up next week and Julia should be finished college. Well, I'll try to stay out of trouble until then. See ya! Drax out!

The last couple pics of Drax heading off to school after getting busted by the police were so funny. He slept until the bus came and walked just like the pics show to the bus. He really looked upset and ashamed of what he did!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Molly and Friends Off to College

So Molly Kane and several of her best friends have headed off to college. Since Orlando transitioned first, I'll let him tell their story of their freshman and sophomore years.

Hi. I'm sure most of you have seen me as a teen in the neighborhood. My name's Orlando Centowski and I thought I'd head off to college with my other friends. School is great and all, but I would really love to find the woman of my dreams to settle down with and have a long happy marriage together.

Orlando Centowski, Young Adult
Likes: Jewelry
Dislikes: Makeup
LTW: Reach Golden Anniversary
Personality: 6/3/6/4/6

Here's my friend, Molly Kane arriving next at college. She's really fun to be around even if she did give me noogies and push my head in the trash can when we were younger. Things will not be dull when she around.

This is Elizabeth Jones. I don't know her as well as Molly does, but she seems alright and tells everyone she wants to be mayor someday.

Elizabeth Jones, Young Adult
Likes: Jewelry
Dislikes: Red Hair
LTW: To Become Mayor

Here's another friend of ours, Ravi Kearney. He and I have a lot in common. He wants to find a nice lady too, but he says raising lots children is what he wants to!

Ravi Kearney, Young Adult
Likes: Underwear
Full Face Makeup
Dislikes: Blonde Hair
LTW: Marry Off 6 Children
Personality: 6/3/6/4/6

This is Abhijeet Santander. He's Molly's steady boyfriend from high school. He's a pretty cool guy, too.

Abhijeet Santander, Young Adult
Likes: Formal Wear
Dislikes: Full Face Makeup
LTW: To Become Celebrity Chef
Personality: 5/8/6/3/3

After we got all settled into our rooms and chose our majors, Molly and I sat down to a hearty pancake breakfast. Molly chose Economics as her major in hopes of helping with her future businesses. I decided a Psychology Major may help me any future endeavors.

Ravi and Elizabeth discussed their new majors over their pancake. He choose to pursue a Psychology Major also and Elizabeth choose Economics so she can be in some of Molly's classes and it suits her political aspirations also.

Somehow, Molly and Abhijeet were so busy the first day they didn't get to see each other. They certainly missed each other.

I think they've just realized how in love with each other they really are. They are so into each other.

Do we see wedding bells in the future?

Here we are, all the Cove friends hanging out, discussing our plans for the next four years and the future.

I had a little meltdown when I tried to flirt with one of our dorm mates and she rejected me. I was having a hard enough time getting adjusted to college life as it was.

Good thing I'm taking classes in Psychology and I got to meet a real psychologist too! He gave me a couple pointers on keeping a good, positive attitude. It was nice to meet him.

I know, I know, but I'm still working on that positive attitude and I want a family so much. Maybe this flour bag will help me if I play with it and carry it around for awhile.

I'm not the only crazy one around here. There's this cow that sneaks around causing all kinds of mischief.

Now why does this person want to do that! I might be crazy, but at least I'm not going around causing trouble. Maybe the cow needs a flour bag to carry around.

Oh good, here comes our hero to show that stupid cow a thing or two!

Way to go! Llama kicked that troublemaker's butt!

Looks like Elizabeth has a crush on one of our dormies, Sheldon Suwankiri. It appears that he maybe into her too!

Molly and Abhijeet love watching TV and cuddling (?) on the couch together. They are seen together whenever one or the other of them isn't in class.

And I will always remember the moment I feel in love with the girl who rejected my first advances. Her name is Abbey Kalson and I intend to make her my wife!

And so ends the first two years of our life together at college. Molly and Abhijeet are head over heels in love with each other. Elizabeth seems to have found love with Sheldon. I'm crazy about Abbey and Ravi still has hopes of finding the love of his life.

Uni is always a bit boring, but we have made some love matches. I also use the hack to speed up Uni so things more along faster. The down side is there may not be time to achieve other extracurricular activities.

Next we'll be back at the Jung (Kane) household with Rodney, Julia and Drax!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Love of Music

When we left the Petersons last week, James was ready for his first day of school and Renard had just had his toddler birthday. Brooke is working in the Entertainment field although she really wants to break into music. Dallas is happy with the pleasures of life and working towards becoming a professional party guest. Although neither Brooke or Dallas are family sims, they have a lot of fun with their boys.

Hi, I'm James and the first kid born into the second generation of Prosperity Cove. I have a really cool mom, dad, and little brother (even though he likes to wear a pink tux). Let me tell you what's been going on this week!

My first day of school I won this amazing award. I guess my parents being so caught up in music is rubbing off on me!

A couple days later, I brought home an "A+" on my report card. Mom and I were so excited. Renard just wanted to get out of his crib.

Mom taught Renard to talk just like she taught me. The first thing Renard told Mom was that he wanted a teddy bear. I think he's going to be stuck with that silly talking bunny thing.

I thought I'd try out a couple of my dance moves. I may need to work on them a little more through.

Boy, Dad caught a bad break on that decision. His boss should have told him what kind of party it was going to be. Oh well, he doesn't seem to be too worried about it.

Mom's not much into cleaning, but she likes to do it herself so she knows its clean.

Yep, told ya. Renard didn't get that teddy bear he wanted, but he talks and laughs with his little friend while Dad's at work, Mom's cleaning and I'm at school.

I thought I'd try to make my own breakfast, but things didn't go so good. I ate my muffin anyway since...

Mom was busy getting Renard out of his bath and...

I really didn't feel like eating cereal again.

A lot of good it did for Renard to have a bath since he went out on the deck after it rained and played in the puddle.

Mom came home with a promotion. I know she's happy she'll be singing for an audience now.

Dad was off for a few nights so he was up with Renard teaching him to walk. It was a nice surprise for Mom.

Mom got another surprise that morning. She finally found her start in the music industry. She didn't get to do her lounge singing, but this is where she really wants to be.

I've been watching some shows on TV about outer space and alien abductions. I'd better keep an eye out for any aliens around here.

So far all I've seen are some shooting stars. (At least James knows the proper use of a telescope)

Wow, this could really pay off. I've been a pretty big contributor to the family funds this week!

Renard tries to do everything I do. I definitely did a better toddler dance though.

Dad really loves taking care of us and snuggling us.

Renard's got Mom laughing and talking to that stupid bunny now!

Way to go, Mom!

One day after school, I brought home one of the younger kids in the neighborhood. We played Cops and Robbers until it was time for him to leave. Boy, did we have fun!

Mom brought home a promotion and...

Renard grew into a child.

The next day, Dad ran into one of the neighbors. Her husband, Rodney, got mad at Mom last week because he thought she was spying on him.

Dad invited Julia in for lunch to apologize and discuss the situation a little further. I think she's going to talk to her husband.

Another good decision, Mom!

I met my new friend's twin brother and invited him over after school. We got along pretty good and played Red Hands most of the afternoon.

When Mom got home from work, I ran out to greet her and we talked music until...

I grew into a teen right there in the driveway!

James Peterson, Teen
Likes: Blonde Hair and Facial Hair
Dislikes: Black Hair
LTW: Have 6 Grandchildren
Personality: 2/1/10/10/3

Dad and I talked music some more over a bite to eat.

Then Mom and I had a blast doing some smustle dancing!

Dad came home with a promotion that night. I think some of the music tips I gave him helped out.

Dad loves to relax in the morning on the back deck with the newspaper. He says that sometimes it's the only place he can get some peace and quiet.

It's easy to see that Mom is loving her work, another promotion!

Good decision to promote yourself, Dad!

It looks like he'll be working days for awhile now.

Here's our little family at the standard cereal Sunday morning breakfast before Mom and Dad both head off to work.

Dad, what were you thinking? You know Renard loves his pink talking bunny. I hope Renard never sees this movie!

Mom got up Monday morning with the oddest look on her face. I hope she's okay.

And so concludes our week with the Petersons. I sure hope Brooke is alright. (snicker, snicker) It's just sad she finally found her LTW and now she'll be off from work for awhile.

Points: none, but fun