Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Love of Music

When we left the Petersons last week, James was ready for his first day of school and Renard had just had his toddler birthday. Brooke is working in the Entertainment field although she really wants to break into music. Dallas is happy with the pleasures of life and working towards becoming a professional party guest. Although neither Brooke or Dallas are family sims, they have a lot of fun with their boys.

Hi, I'm James and the first kid born into the second generation of Prosperity Cove. I have a really cool mom, dad, and little brother (even though he likes to wear a pink tux). Let me tell you what's been going on this week!

My first day of school I won this amazing award. I guess my parents being so caught up in music is rubbing off on me!

A couple days later, I brought home an "A+" on my report card. Mom and I were so excited. Renard just wanted to get out of his crib.

Mom taught Renard to talk just like she taught me. The first thing Renard told Mom was that he wanted a teddy bear. I think he's going to be stuck with that silly talking bunny thing.

I thought I'd try out a couple of my dance moves. I may need to work on them a little more through.

Boy, Dad caught a bad break on that decision. His boss should have told him what kind of party it was going to be. Oh well, he doesn't seem to be too worried about it.

Mom's not much into cleaning, but she likes to do it herself so she knows its clean.

Yep, told ya. Renard didn't get that teddy bear he wanted, but he talks and laughs with his little friend while Dad's at work, Mom's cleaning and I'm at school.

I thought I'd try to make my own breakfast, but things didn't go so good. I ate my muffin anyway since...

Mom was busy getting Renard out of his bath and...

I really didn't feel like eating cereal again.

A lot of good it did for Renard to have a bath since he went out on the deck after it rained and played in the puddle.

Mom came home with a promotion. I know she's happy she'll be singing for an audience now.

Dad was off for a few nights so he was up with Renard teaching him to walk. It was a nice surprise for Mom.

Mom got another surprise that morning. She finally found her start in the music industry. She didn't get to do her lounge singing, but this is where she really wants to be.

I've been watching some shows on TV about outer space and alien abductions. I'd better keep an eye out for any aliens around here.

So far all I've seen are some shooting stars. (At least James knows the proper use of a telescope)

Wow, this could really pay off. I've been a pretty big contributor to the family funds this week!

Renard tries to do everything I do. I definitely did a better toddler dance though.

Dad really loves taking care of us and snuggling us.

Renard's got Mom laughing and talking to that stupid bunny now!

Way to go, Mom!

One day after school, I brought home one of the younger kids in the neighborhood. We played Cops and Robbers until it was time for him to leave. Boy, did we have fun!

Mom brought home a promotion and...

Renard grew into a child.

The next day, Dad ran into one of the neighbors. Her husband, Rodney, got mad at Mom last week because he thought she was spying on him.

Dad invited Julia in for lunch to apologize and discuss the situation a little further. I think she's going to talk to her husband.

Another good decision, Mom!

I met my new friend's twin brother and invited him over after school. We got along pretty good and played Red Hands most of the afternoon.

When Mom got home from work, I ran out to greet her and we talked music until...

I grew into a teen right there in the driveway!

James Peterson, Teen
Likes: Blonde Hair and Facial Hair
Dislikes: Black Hair
LTW: Have 6 Grandchildren
Personality: 2/1/10/10/3

Dad and I talked music some more over a bite to eat.

Then Mom and I had a blast doing some smustle dancing!

Dad came home with a promotion that night. I think some of the music tips I gave him helped out.

Dad loves to relax in the morning on the back deck with the newspaper. He says that sometimes it's the only place he can get some peace and quiet.

It's easy to see that Mom is loving her work, another promotion!

Good decision to promote yourself, Dad!

It looks like he'll be working days for awhile now.

Here's our little family at the standard cereal Sunday morning breakfast before Mom and Dad both head off to work.

Dad, what were you thinking? You know Renard loves his pink talking bunny. I hope Renard never sees this movie!

Mom got up Monday morning with the oddest look on her face. I hope she's okay.

And so concludes our week with the Petersons. I sure hope Brooke is alright. (snicker, snicker) It's just sad she finally found her LTW and now she'll be off from work for awhile.

Points: none, but fun

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Different Dance

Last week, Noah and Holly had their oldest child, Tiffany and then almost immediately had twin boys, Auric and Largo. Noah and Holly had both been working on their careers in dancing. Noah's mother, Patricia picked up her suitcase, grabbed a drink from the Reaper and took a breeze right before the twins where born (literally hours!) I knew this household was going to be a handful since I like to make sure everyone is happy and taken care of. I think I may have to help Holly with her recollections this week, she was one busy lady!

Hi, I'm Holly Hunter. I know I have a famous actress's name, but I married into it. Here's my family and I am so proud of them. Noah wants lots of grandchildren, but I hadn't realized he'd want lots of kids too! He grew up an only child and he decided that his children would not grow up without siblings. The twins were such a surprise. (No cheesecake) Maybe twins run in Noah's family and that's why he was an only child!

Welcome little Auric...

and little Largo!

Tiffany managed to get potty-trained. This is the only toddler skill she learned since Noah and Holly were so busy with the twins.

Noah and I did find an occasional moment to eat and talk together. I still love his soup.

All too soon, my little guys grew into toddlers. Largo transitioned first. He has his daddy's coloring, but his features are a mixture of Noah's and mine.

Then Auric grew into toddler hood. He looks very much like Noah.

Tiffany's birthday was the same day and she grew into a happy little girl!

She insisted on posing for a first picture of her as a child!

Holly ran up the stairs immediately after Tiffany's birthday. And, dum, da, dum, dum.....

Holly turned around and was sick a second time. Not even time to clean the filthy toilet from her first go-round!

We hired a butler to help with the household chores and give me a bit of a break with the kids during the day. Noah took a few vacation days to help out too. He made sure Tiffany knew how to study and do her homework.

It's never too soon to learn to dance especially when it's with daddy!

Yep, there it is. The first bump. I don't know where they find the time. ACR is so much fun to play with. The spontaneity is great and makes me loosen up my grip on my Sims.

Holly is so tired and starved for fun, all she can do is watch movies while Auric and Largo draw and play with their blocks. She so exhausted she can't pick up the dirty bottle and I'll bet the potty chair hasn't been emptied either. If a Sim empties the potty chair upstairs, the contents get disposed of downstairs. If the potty chair is downstairs, yep, upstairs go the contents.

Whow! This little one is quite a kicker!! Noah is going to be sooo happy. I can't wait to let him know!

My girl got her "A+". I'm so proud of her and all her studying since we've not had a lot of time to work with her.

This temper tantrum is a pretty typical occurrence. The butler doesn't always stay on task. Sometimes he puts a child in the high chair and forgets to take them out. Or he insists on putting them in their cribs although there are pet beds on the first floor for them to sleep in. He can certainly create a "traffic-jam" at the top of the stairs and upstairs hallway. It's actually kinda funny, but I don't think Noah and Holly find it as amusing. Looking back, I should have put the cribs in someone's inventory.

As Noah is trying to potty train Auric (who is naturally throwing a tantrum), Patricia decides to make an entrance. Noah looks like he's seeing her and saying "This is not a good time, Mom!"

Ahhh, success! These two toddlers were the hardest I've ever dealt with.


Awwww, Baby Max! He looks just like Mama!

After Max was born, Holly fed him a bottle, put him in his crib and bolted out the door to work! It looked like she was escaping!

Tiffany showed me what she learned in gym class at school. She was so proud and I'm glad I got to see her.

Too soon it was time for Auric to grow into a child.

Yes I was right, Auric looks very much like Noah.

Here's Largo looking very much like both of us.

I love seeing my kids together even if they're just eating breakfast.
(There was just the one stinky bowl, don't worry the kids' food was okay!)

Auric and Largo love competing against each other and having some fun!

Tiffany's more into playing chess and gaining skills she'll be able to use in her life.

Noah looks a little tired, but he loves his family and taking care of our little Max.

Here are my children getting up and ready for school. Tiffany wants to show the twins "her" school and the school bus since this is the boys' first day of school. The boys are really excited about their first day!

So ends another crazy week in the Hunter house. Thank goodness, Patricia wasn't too much of a pest. I probably would have lost a sim or two! Now the real question here would be: Will Noah and Holly have any more children? The neighborhood is overrun with boys right now. It would be nice to have twin girls somewhere. Hmmm.... ACR did kick in right after Max was born and I canceled that action. Give the girl a break! Holly wants to be a dancer. At this point, they've lost all their friends and are constantly exhausted. The kids grew up well, but not as well as I usually like. This was definitely not a boring family to play! Next we're on to the Petersons....

Points: 1 for Max