Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I "Kane"n't Believe Our Luck!

Hi! Julia here. Look at the wonderful house I found for Molly and I. Even though we are both still so sad about the deaths of my parents, we are very excited about moving to a new town with a new start!

Julia Kane, Adult
Likes: Swimwear, Black Hair
Dislikes: Gray Hair
LTW: To Become a Space Pirate
Personality: 4/7/8/3/3

Molly Kane, Child
LTW: To Grow Up
Personality: 2/3/9/7/4

We arrived at our new home early enough in the day so Molly still had time to walk to school and she wouldn't miss any time. I gave her a big hug and kiss and assured her that she would make out fine.

As soon as Molly was on her way to school, I jumped on the computer to find a job. What luck! Right away my dream job in a career of Adventure pops up!

While Molly was in school, I had a couple curious neighbors stop by. They were very nice, but I had to say goodbye when Molly got home from school.

Molly's schoolwork is top priority in this family and before I get started with my career, it's very important that Molly knows how to do her homework. I may not always be at home to help her and I'm not sure how helpful the hired nannies will be.

Molly and I found a little time before school to play a game together. She is very playful and active and it takes a lot to keep her entertained and focused.

Molly was a little disappointed that she didn't get an "A" her second day of school.

I got a promotion my first day at work!

I met the sweetest guy that evening, Rodney Jung. He is so romantic. Nothing would do but a classic dance under the stars.

Watch out, Prosperity Cove! Here I come, the newest Spelunker!

Molly got her "A"! She's such a good girl and is staying right on top of that homework!

Another promotion!

I was right to be worried about the nanny! Just I was getting home, Miss Nanny set the kitchen on fire. Everyone is running around trying to put out the fire and Miss Nanny calmly stood there and watched the whole commotion that she started!

One of the loveliest Multiregional Sims of Some Question heading off to work.

My aunts and uncles were as proud of Molly as I am! Her hard work is paying off too!

I love that Molly runs to greet me after work! It makes all the hard work worth it when I get one of her hugs.

As soon as I stepped in the house, Rodney totally surprising me by dropping to one knee and declared his undying love. He suddenly produced a small black box with a beautiful diamond ring in it. Of course, I said immediately said yes!

We decided to go ahead and exchange rings right then and there! Me first...

Now for Rodney's ring!

Sealed with a kiss!

Rodney Jung
Likes: Underwear, Cooking
Dislikes: Custom Hair
LTW: To Be Chief of Staff
Personality: 4/7/8/3/3
Current Career: Business

A severe thunderstorm woke Rodney up that night. He decided to go and check on his new stepdaughter. Of course, she slept right through the storm just like me!

Here I am heading off to work the next day. Boy, this outfit isn't near as flattering as the last one!

Rodney took Molly out for lunch while I was at work. I'm not sure about the arm trick, but Molly wasn't really impressed so hopefully she won't try it!
I'm really worried about the older town teen checking Molly out. We're going to have to keep an eye on our girl!

When they got home, Rodney did his best to explain to Molly about the engagement and the marriage.

I know she is enjoying the attention and Rodney seems to really enjoy playing with her!

We have been so lucky and I'm just thrilled with my new husband! I hope this luck will continue!

Points: 1 for Rodney


  1. Wow Julia and Rodney don't mess around with dating, do they? Julia takes such great care of Molly! (and I love her hairdo too). I got that same starter house--
    Ecstatica's Modern sTarter set on TSR, right?

  2. Yes, I really like this house. It has some character to it, not just a box.

  3. Hey Carla,

    I'm just now starting to read this blog. You're off to a great start! I love the house, reminds me of a ski lodge :) Off to read the next post!