Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Romance, Pleasure and Family

When last we visited the Petersons, their little James grew into a toddler. Brooke has a fear of changing diapers and clown suits. Dallas is working towards being a professional party guest, but he is an awesome dad and husband.

Brooke is really busy with James right now so I'm going to tell you about this week. I'm Dallas Peterson, new husband and proud new dad.

Brooke is a very loving and caring mother for being a romance sim. I guess she has love for everything and everybody. She is so patient with this active little boy.

She's playful and made learning to walk a big game with James. He learns everything so quickly. He is definitely going to keep us on our toes.

James was potty-trained, learned to walk and learned to talk all in one afternoon. He and Brooke had such a fun day while I was at work!

I made dinner that evening. It was so nice to sit with Brooke and talk about her search for her dream job in music. I have some connections from working in the music store so I'm hoping I'll be able to help her out there.

Our active little James loves his music too! He was doing his little toddler dance while we ate dinner.

After dinner, Brooke suddenly felt ill. She rushed to the bathroom, feeling nauseated. I insisted that she go and lie down while I took care of James.

Brooke was so surprised to realize that she was pregnant again. She is constantly dragging me off to bed so I'm not really surprised.

Poor Brooke, she went out to check out the telescope in the little spare time she has and Rodney Jung took offense. I heard about him accosting our late friend, Patricia Hunter and now he's here yelling at my wife! I hope we can patch things up with our neighbors, but Rodney seems to be very touchy! (Those telescopes are trouble magnets and I guess I have some noisy sims!)

Brooke's pregnancy is progressing in leaps and bounds. This baby looks like a kicker!

James gets some snuggle time from Mommy before he loses some of her attention.

He is such a happy and loving child.

And he loves his daddy too!

Birthday time for James!

James grew into a child with his proud parents looking on.

"Dallas, my water broke!"

Here's Brooke with our new son, Renard! He looks a lot like his mom.

I love our boys! I'm not having all the fun I want, but I'm doing okay! After all the kids are fun to play with and keep me going.

Brooke checks on James before she goes to bed. My little romance sim certainly loves and cares for her kids!

James drops whatever he is doing when I get home from work. He runs everywhere! And he is always looking for a hug!

Well, Brooke still hasn't found her way to her desired career yet, but at least she's made it out of the clown suit with her new promotion!

And as always, James is there to greet her with one of his wonderful hugs!

Renard is now know as the incredible levitating baby. He giggled and laughed the whole time he was doing his trick. It took me a couple minutes to get him down so I could finish changing his diaper!

Here's Brooke heading off to work with her new position as Mime. Better than the clown suit, but she looks a little like a cat burglar!

Another promotion, but now I'm working nights! Getting closer to my goal!

I thought I'd give this cool planter thingy a try and see if I can make some extra money with the plants that I grow. (Hmmm)

Wow, time for Renard to grow into a toddler! Where did the time go!

Renard was giving Brooke a little trouble with his birthday so I got to him to play the levitating baby thing again and here he is! (Nice pink tux there, Renard!)

Renard Peterson, Toddler
Personality: 5/8/9/3/1

This is where I leave off this week with James up and early, getting ready for his first day of school!

Brooke is definitely living her romance life. She and Dallas are in bed every time they have some time together and the kids are occupied. She still has some diaper issues and is drained with each pregnancy, but she been fun to play so far. I have a nanny on Brooke's work schedule which has been a huge help, at least she hasn't left the babies on the floor so far!

Points: 1 for Renard


  1. Here comes Renard - looks like one baby is not enough! ^_^

  2. Really enjoying your narrative style but haven't worked out your naming theme.

  3. I think I know the naming scheme...is it a sci-fi series?

  4. I think itlandm-sims has it. Check out her comment here and on Noah's Rollercoaster Ride blog