Sunday, February 15, 2009

Noah's Rollercoaster Ride

When last we met, Noah and Holly married against Patricia's wishes. Patricia was still angry about her husband leaving and bad mouthed him with every chance she got. Well, now she's disgruntled about the impending birth of Noah and Holly's baby.

Hi, I'm Noah. I'm so lucky to have found the love of my life, Holly and now we're expecting a baby to make our family complete! My mom is a bit of a nag, but she does help out around the house with a little prodding. I wish she would accept Holly so the tension would ease up around here!

Mom continues to trudge along at work. She seems to enjoy all the hard work and responsibility that entrust to her.

I think what we're saying here is that Patricia's as smart as a chimpanzee, just my option!

Holly really enjoys spending her maternity leave painting and relaxing until...

One of our newest neighbors, Rodney Jung caught Mom watching him through the telescope I bought for Holly as a wedding present. He actually shoved my elderly mother into the desk!

(I guess the Kane/Jung family loses a few points in the Nicest Family in the Neighborhood category!)

Go Mom! She gave it right back to him and Rodney left in a hurry, but still none to happy!

After a shower and a bite to eat, Mom got back to her novel. She's worked really hard on it. I'm sure it will be a best seller!

I work on improving my body strength and breath control whenever I get a chance. No Sims 3 for me tonight.

Between my working out and a lucky break, I've received another promotion and have been given my own barre, a Better Barre by Deuxjoint Ltd. They're supposed to be the best barre made.

Holly didn't waste any time getting a work out on the new barre.

She pretty agile for being so far along with our little one, but being a true dancer at heart, she has natural balance and grace.

I guess her work-out made her a little hungry for some of my left-over spaghetti and meatballs.

Wow, look's like there are lots of folks interested in Mom's theory. Great job, Mom!


I'm so proud of my wife. She did a great job and now we have a little girl, Tiffany!

Holly looked a little tired right after, but she's as happy as I am.

Even Mom kinda wandered over to see what all the fuss was about. I just know she will fall in love with Tiffany and make friends with Holly.

Holly loves taking care of Tiffany and Tiffany gets plenty of attention from her parents. Mom's still having a little trouble warming up to everything. I know she's just worried about me.

The day after Tiffany was born, Holly wasn't feeling very well. I was afraid it may have something to do with the stress of the new baby and Mom's resistance to become at least civil towards her.

Oh no! This can't be happening this soon! We just adore Tiffany and all, but we haven't even gotten settled back into a routine yet. Maybe Holly's just plumped up from too many grilled cheese sandwiches and spaghetti and meatballs dinners.

Tiffany's birthday came around without a lot of fanfare since Mom is still pretty indifferent towards both Holly and Tiffany and I hadn't gotten home from work yet.

But Mommy was there for her and that's the most important thing in a youngster's life!

Tiffany Hunter, Toddler
Personality: 2/9/9/7/6

Shoo, that extra charisma was just what I needed to put me in line for my next promotion. Lucky break there!

Yes, Holly's face says it all. We are definitely having another baby and fairly soon!

Here's our little princess. She's pretty sloppy when she eats, but so, so cute!

What is happening here!? No, not Mom! We need you!

Don't take the drink, Mom! Don't you want to see your new grandchild?

All the commotion of the Grim Reaper and his hula dancers combined with Tiffany almost going into aspiration failure woke Holly. She finally got Tiffany calmed down and back to sleep and headed downstairs to do a bit of painting. She didn't even get a brush stroke in when the labor pains hit. The poor girl, I hadn't even gotten home from work yet!

I don't know whether to smile or cry. Smile because of the new babies. Cry because Mom is gone. Poor Holly trying to handle all this by herself until I got home.

She did an awesome job though! We have twin sons named Auric and Largo. Here are my little angels when I got home from work! I have a feeling life is going to be very different from now on!

Poor Patricia, she never got to just enjoy the family she had around her. I guess she knew what was coming with the twins and all! Holly didn't even make it back to work this week, next week may not be looking too good either!

Points: 3 (1 for Tiffany, 1 for Auric, 1 for Largo)
No platinum grave for Patricia :(


  1. I guess Patricia would not have been able to "bond" with her grandchildren anyway...

  2. Its so hard to get platinum for a first gen elder in Prosperity. I am so stumped on the naming scheme. I can't figure it out: Drax, James, Tiffany, auric, and Largo. Boy, Holly and Noah are going to be working hard at home.

  3. I just read through what you've written so far...interesting families. And I like how you're writing from a different person's perspective each round. A toddler and two babies...this is gonna be a tough house next round.

  4. congrats on the twins! I'm assuming their natural? I doubt you'd purposely put yourself through the toddler/twins torture so early in your prosperity ::winks::. Keep up the great work and good luck with those twins!