Monday, February 23, 2009

Molly Has Her Say

When last we met, the Kane-Jung family left us with the impression of perfection. In following tales from the other households in the neighborhood, we find that Rodney has a real issue with privacy. Not everyone is as nice as they seem....

I guess I'll take a turn at telling about our family's week. I'm Molly and I started out being the only kid in the neighborhood. It was a little lonely at first, but I've made lots of friends since I started high school.

Here's Mom and Drax. She had just finished teaching him to walk and talk. He loves playing with his shape box.

Rodney's pretty smart. It's pretty cool having him as a dad since I never knew my own. He played with me a lot when I was kid. Now he gives me advice on boys and school.

(Gagging sounds) Gawd, Mom and Rodney never stop. I really happy that Mom found someone who loves her so much, but jees!

Rodney and his chessboard! He practices his moves with his friend, Shea Johnson while Mom's at work. I guess doctors need to be real smart and all his playing chess helps.

Rodney and Drax love playing together. Rodney tickles and tosses him in the air for hours on end. Drax is so lucky to have a daddy while he's so young.

Here's my dancing little brother. He loves doing his toddler wiggle and looks so funny shaking his little toshy while sitting.

Wow, Rodney has been really working hard. I guess I didn't realize just how brilliant he is!

Drax was really happy the day he grew into a child. He danced until he was absolutely exhausted and Mom had to shoo him up to his new bed.

Boy, Mom has worked really hard since we moved to Prosperity Cove. She has a seriously dangerous job now. I'm sure she knows what she's doing with all the training stuff she's done.

Yeah, that's me (snicker, snicker). Had ya'll fooled didn't I? I'd brought friends home all week from school, but I thought it would be funny to try this move out on this girl from school. She didn't like it much and left pretty early that night.

Drax brought his share of friends home too. He seems to really like this girl, Kay. They played Red Hands most of the afternoon.

Rodney meets some really influential people at the hospital. Luckily he took good care of this lady since she was pretty helpful in earning him a couple extra skill points.

Friday night and Drax and I are getting the homework done and out of the way so we have the weekend to do what we want.

Drax is an odd little fellow. He's decided since no one else in the house can cook, he should start watching the local cooking channel so he'll be able to cook some decent food when he's old enough.

I know Rodney loves when Drax come running out to greet him. He's always so tired when he gets home from the hospital.

Here's little brother catching some fresh fish for dinner. He said he saw on the cooking channel he's been watching that fish is good for us. Now he just has to find someone to cook it for us!

Since I'll be leaving for college soon, I thought I spend a little more time with my family. I read a book to Drax until he fell asleep.

Another promotion for Rodney this week. He'll be working closer to home at the local clinic.

Drax and I had a lot of fun playing together over the weekend.

He is such a show-off! It was pretty cute seeing him stand on his head though.

Hehe! Another victim! One of my friends from school, Orlando was walking by the house while I was fishing with Drax and I laid a noogy on him. He said he was okay even though I pushed his face into the top of the trashcan. I did feel a little sorry about that.

At Sunday morning breakfast, we were all talking about growing up since my birthday was only a couple days away.

Rodney pointed out to me that I may want to get my scholarship applications finalized so I'll be prepared to leave for college.

I got a little money from a couple scholarships so this will give me a little start if I stay at the dorms. It's Monday morning so that means it's time for me to go. I'll see you next time at college.

This leaves us with a slightly smaller household. I've decided when a family's worth reaches $100,000 I'll move them to a larger house so for now my most prosperous family will stay in their cozy little house. Stay tuned for my next segment at the Hunter house. Looks like it might be a little crazy!


  1. Great update - this family is adorable!

  2. I can't beleive Molly's already off to college!

    Thanks for another fun to read update from Prosperity Cove!

  3. Great update. I really enjoy your writing - it's great having the story from different perspectives.