Sunday, February 8, 2009

Welcome to Prosperity Cove!

I've made a couple attempts at blogging my Sims 2, but I was still having difficulty getting the pics into the blog. After reading more posts in the Yahoo groups, I think I've finally gotten it! I have a new graphics card so I'm much happier with the pics. I upgraded for my Sims 3 game that I pre-ordered in November and now June?! ship date. Okay, so the first Round pics are still not what I'm looking for, but thanks to Rachel's Podcast and for Snagit Tips the blog pics should be much better from now on.

I've been reading lots of Sims blogs and have enjoyed them all so much I really want to share my prosperity sims with others too!

I'm going to have a member of each family narrate their story. I have fallen in love with this group of families and they were wonderful to play in Round 1. I hope you enjoy them as much I do.

Here's my soon-to-be very prosperous township.

Let's meet our first family to move the Cove...... Julia was barely more than a child herself when Molly was born. Julia's parents were able to provide for Julia and Molly until they were both killed in a car accident. Unable to afford the mortgage payments on her parents house, Julia used the money she had left after the estate settlements to move to Prosperity Cove with her daughter.

Patricia and Noah Hunters are mother and son. Noah grew up in this nice home, but when his father left, Noah and his mother had to sell many of the furnishings to pay the bills. They decided to continue to live in the house and try to turn their lives around.

Here's our young, struggling couple. Brooke and Dallas's parents believe that they are too young and don't have enough skills to live on their own, much less earn a living and raise a family. Fiercely independent, Brooke and Dallas have set out to begin their lives together anyway in this small neighborhood.

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  1. Prosperity cove looks so inviting and full of possibilities. Reading about each of your families, I am intrigued by them and look forward to seeing how it goes. I feel like three families, all small, is a manageable number of Sims to get to know initially and remember.