Friday, February 13, 2009

The Nicest Family in Town

Last time we visited the Kane/Jong family, Julia and Rodney fell in love and married rather quickly. Julia is climbing the Adventurer career and Rodney is working on bonding with Molly.

I get to talk about my new family this time. I'm Rodney and boy, has my life changed! One day, I'm a single guy and the next I have an amazingly beautiful wife and a wonderful daughter. I'm ready to move on to reach for the goal in my life to become Chief of Staff. I know I can do it with the support of my new wife.

Molly just paints, paints, paints and when she isn't she loves playing on the Execuputter I received with a promotion when I worked in the business world. Since she's into sports, she's really good at it.

Julia and I had a cake and a little family party all planned for Molly, but she's kinda shy and chose to grow into a teen in the bathroom. I guess she wanted to be sure she looked okay before anyone else saw her. Of course, she's always beautiful to her mother and me, but she looks wonderful.

Molly Kane, Teen
Likes: Red Hair and Logic
Dislikes: Perfume
LTW: Own 5 Top-Level Businesses
Personality: 2/3/9/7/4

Oh I almost forgot, Julia and I are going to have a little one of our own. I think Julia looks even more beautiful pregnant.

I received my first promotion on my way up my career ladder. I'm really loving this job. We're going to need the money from the promotion with our new little one on the way!

Julia's sleep schedule is off a little bit and she eats constantly. She just laughs and says it's all worth it.

Julia used some of her maternity time to study up on some skills she's going to need for her next promotion at work.

She also figured since she was eating so much she better do a little working out to stay in shape.

My next promotion, yah!

I got home from work just in time to help Julia deliver the baby after all I'm going to be a doctor soon. She seemed to be handling the labor pretty well so all I could do was try to coach her along.

Julia and I would like you to meet our son, Drax! He has his mother's skintone, but he looks a lot like me!

Isn't he just beautiful!?

Here's my little man laying quietly in his crib. Nite-nite.

Molly is still doing us proud in school and her art enthusiasm continues to go up.

Molly is such a big help to us. She makes sure the bills make it to the mailbox on time,

feeds and bathes her new little brother,

and still has time to play on the Execuputter.

Julia headed back to work when Drax was only a couple days old. She says she ready and is looking forward to her next promotion.

While Julia's at work and Drax is asleep, I work on my logic skills, really I'm having fun sitting here playing chess, but don't tell anyone!

Julia came home that evening with her next promotion. I'm so proud of her. She's such a hard-worker and a great mom.

Here I am with Drax. He is a good baby and my pride and joy!

I made it to doctor, but I still have a lot of hard work to do.

Uh oh, Julia's brought a boy home from school. His name is Abhijeet Santander. At least, it's just chess with Molly he's interested in.

We are so happy. I can't stop touching her beautiful face.

Here's my pirate wife heading off to work. She has to wear the strangest outfits to work.

On Saturday, Molly asked to head over to the FreeTime Recreation Center. Apparently, she ran into her new friend, Abhijeet and they played a few games of darts. She won, of course. All Abhijeet seemed to be able to hit was the wall. I'm really glad Molly wasn't standing any closer to the dart board!

There were friendly hugs....

Then the first kiss. (which I didn't get a picture of since I'm still getting the hang of taking pics!)

Molly hung out for a while with her friend playing pool while Abhijeet took a dip in the pool. As it started getting dark, Molly knew she had to be home for her brother's birthday party.

Julia got home in time to help Drax with his birthday. He was so tired he just couldn't make the transition until he had a long nap.

When he woke up from his nap, I went in to help him out.

There he is, finally a toddler and showing how much he looks like me!

Drax Jung, Toddler
Personality: 4/9/8/3/3

I would think the nanny should be figuring out by now Drax wants to sleep, not eat. He was throwing quite a fit that day!

Now it's time to eat. Drax knows what he wants, when he wants it!

I thought this was just a funny pic of Drax drinking one and sitting on one of the three bottles the nanny had out.

Alas we have reached the end of the week with the Kane/Jong family. They're all so nice and no one seems to create much trouble. Drax looks like he may be a handful.

Points: 1 for Drax

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  1. What a lovely family. I wonder what personality little Drax will have.