Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Newlywed Jitters?

Hi there! I'm Brooke Peterson. My new husband, Dallas, and I just moved to Prosperity Cove. We were soooo lucky to find this house. I just love it! I know we are going to be so happy here!

Brooke Peterson, Adult
Likes: Swimwear and Facial Hair
Dislikes: Brown Hair
LTW: Become a Rock God
Personality: 2/8/2/6/7

Dallas Peterson, Adult
Likes: Glasses and Underwear
Dislikes: Stink
LTW: Become a Professional Party Guest
Personality: 5/8/6/3/3

Here we are in front of our new home. I think it's time for us to go check out the bedroom, I mean, the house now.

I can't believe this could be happening this quickly. I must just have newlywed jitters.

This is not a good sign. Boy, was I sick.

Yep, here I am in my first trimester. It's official, Dallas and I will be welcoming our first bundle of joy in a few months. I wonder if he or she will look like Dallas or me.

Dallas is working so hard and is ecstatic about the new little one.

Moving right along into my second trimester! I can't keep the excitement from showing on my face!

Dallas is getting promotion after promotion. Good thing to because we're going to need the money for the little one!

Oh, I think it's ttttttiiiiiimmmmmeeeeee....

for the bbbbbbaaaaabbbbbbyyyyyy!!!!!!

Here he is, our darling James!

Looks like his daddy, but I think he has my nose!

James's first bath. I have a real fear of changing diapers so hopefully Dallas and the nanny can help out with that chore.

Back at work on stage, I'm learning how to deal with some not-so-nice fans. It's okay through since the heckler helped me get a promotion!

Promotion! This is a promotion? I look like a clown! Wait, that's what I'm supposed to be. I need another promotion or a shot at my life-long dream!

My Dallas is so good at his job. I'm so proud of him. I'm sure he's going to be a huge success soon!

Dallas loves little James so much and insisted on helping him with his birthday!

James, Toddler
Personality: 2/1/10/10/3

Will Brooke find her way out of her new work outfit? Will she overcome her fear of changing diapers? Will Dallas find more fun in his life?

Points: 1 for James

The new generations in Prosperity Cove will have a naming theme. How long will it take and how many babies before someone guesses correctly?


  1. I still have no idea what the naming theme is, so you better keep it up! And thanks for sharing.

  2. Definitely not just one!!
    Great start on your stories. Your lucky to start with 3 families and only 2 members a piece.

  3. Wow romance and pleasure with a baby right away...this should be fun. Did you build the houses? This one and Patricia's are so pretty.